The difference between new and used swiss watches

The difference between new and used swiss watches
February 15, 2016
February 16, 2016

There are many options when it comes to buying an expensive swiss watch. You can buy one brand new from the store or you can buy one used on the internet on sites like ebay or craigslist. some of the advantages to buying a new watch is that you know with 100% certainty that the watch is real. Also very often a new watch comes with a 2 year manufacturer warranty (most watches do not have any issues for two years anyways so the warranty is generally pointless, but you never know). Also you always know where you bought that brand new watch from, and its history.

Some people like to be the first person to own a watch and do not want someone else’s hand me down. Personally i prefer to buy used watches from people and from sites like ebay and craigslist. of course, i am able to tell if a watch is real or not even if it does not have the original box and papers. Some of the advantages to buying a used watch are you can get some very good deals. If you are lucky you can pay as low as a third of retail price for a used watch that is in very good condition. Some other advantages are that you do not have to be concerned every time the watch gets a minor scratch on it because it will already have some wear from hopefully respectful use.

People will never know if you bought a used watch or a brand new watch, if that is what you are concerned about. When it comes to buying gifts, some people prefer to buy used and some people prefer to buy new… really depends on the person you are gifting the watch to. It is better to buy a watch off of a website like ebay rather than a website like craigslist especially if you are a inexperienced buyer. The reason being, if there is any issue with a purchase on a site like ebay you can generally work out a return, where on CL there is no way to return a watch unless the seller allows you to. In my experience it is very rare for a seller to allow you to return a watch on a craigslist sale. Good luck with your watch hunting and if you have any questions at all just send us a message through the message system on out website.

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