The difference between new and used swiss watches
February 16, 2016

Sometimes unfortunately a tag heuer watch will get water damaged. Sometimes it is because the owner did not properly secure the crown, other times it is because over time the water resistance abilities of the watch have been worn down. Whatever the reason may be, it is never a fun experience. When a tag heuer gets water damaged (usually it is after the two year warranty is up), tag heuer takes the opportunity to charge their customers an arm and a leg. It will very often cost more than half of the original purchase price of the watch to have it completely repaired. Tag heuer will want to change every single piece of the watch and will charge the customer for each and every single piece. When a tag heuer gets water damaged, whether it be a quartz or automatic movement, it is most often not cost effective to have the watch repaired. That is where brokentagheuer.com comes in.

At brokentagheuer.com we specialize in buying water damaged tag heuer watches. Instead of spending an arm and a leg to have a watch repaired, consider selling to us and using the money to buy a brand new or looking for a great deal on a preowned watch. It is truly an unfortunate event when ones expensive watch gets damaged, but finally there is a place on the web to effortlessly sell and get decent prices for your watches. As always you can contact us anytime at brokentagheuer.com through phone or email and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.

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